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Equipment Modifications | Retrofits

No project is too small when equipment is in need of modification or replacement. EDT is here to work with you to achieve process specifications that produce valuable end-products or meet sanitary guidelines.

  • Clean in place (CIP) spray device retrofit with EDT liquid-activated, retractable CIP Nozzles

  • Rotary atomization changeover to high pressure nozzle atomization

  • Drying chamber replacement

  • Fluid bed replacement

  • Air disperser energy/capacity optimization

  • Powder collection efficiency

  • Baghouse efficiency upgrade

  • Evaporator Upgrade

Pulse-Jet Baghouse Conversion Increases The Useful Life On Your Baghouse

Get the benefits of the latest baghouse technology and increase the useful life of your existing baghouse with Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Pulse-Jet Baghouse Conversion.

Years of service may remain on your existing baghouse housing, but to gain the efficiencies of increased cleaning performance, lower operating costs, and easier maintenance, you may need to upgrade.

Evaporator Dryer Technologies will modify your existing baghouse to achieve these efficiencies by installing the latest Pulse-Jet Cleaning System technology.


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