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Custom Cut Gaskets

Evaporator Dryer Technologies offers the perfect solution to cut custom size gaskets with our new die-less Knife Cutting System.

No more tedious hand cutting, templates or expensive dies. Our CNC based work center utilizes a CAD/CAM system to design and load gasket pattern drawings . CNC control and nesting software permit production efficiency providing a better use of raw material. With this system we can cut gaskets and any other parts, whether it is a single part or a multiple part production run. The system has a flatbed cutting table size of 5' wide by 10 ' long and is perfect for gasket sheet cutting.

Currently we are supplying custom size gaskets from FDA compliant, white silicone for use in process equipment, however, applications for this system are limitless with a wide range of industrial applications. Our system is able to cut traditional gasket materials such as pure silicone, Teflon, Mylar, felts, fabrics additional similar semi-rigid materials and more.

Our engineering department will assist with gasket patterns or provide a sample for pre-production runs.

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