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Isolation Gates


Isolation gates are used in evaporating and spray drying systems to separate components between a wet process and a dry process; or to divert air flow in process air ductwork.


Isolation gates isolate components that need to remain dry while performing wet wash or CIP operations. Such as, isolation between ductwork and a baghouse, or isolation between ductwork and a wet scrubber. The isolation gate is also used to create a process component bypass for alternative processing methods.


EDT’s isolation gate is unique flush mount design that creates a positive seal between two components with all force internal to the gate. Therefore, no stress is transferred to the adjoining components. This design eliminates the potential for component movement or cracking.


Isolation Gate

Isolation Gate (Open)

The isolation gate is a self-supporting unit that permanently mounts to adjoining components or to process air ductwork. 


A slide gate easily inserts into the flange and seals to create positive isolation. When the slide gate is removed from the flange the ductwork remains completely unrestricted - no airflow or process interference.


This new flush mount design eliminates pockets or gaps between components that may leak and allow components to become wet.


Space saving and convenient, the isolation gate allows for fast and easy changeovers to perform CIP or other processing operations. 


This isolation gate is an exclusive design developed and provided by Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc.



Features and Benefits

  • Minimal preparation time. Easy open. Easy Close.
    Reduces time for plant CIP turnaround or process set-up.

  • Entire unit is self-supporting from ductwork.
    Space saving. Convenient.

  • Internal force to create a seal is on the gate.
    Eliminates the stress on adjoining components that may
    cause movement or cracking.

  • Ductwork is completely unrestricted when gate is open.
    No restricted airflow during production.

  • Flush mount design.
    Eliminates pockets or gaps between components that may
    allow components to become wet.

  • Custom design to any size diameter to fit ductwork.
    Complete stainless steel construction.

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