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Pneumatic Hammers from EDT

The EDT Pneumatic Hammer is designed to provide short duration strikes to thin walled equipment to release stubborn product deposits. Hammers can be mounted on such equipment as drying chambers, ductwork, cyclones, baghouses, product hoppers and bagging systems.



         Provide enough vibration to remove deposits while maintaining the integrity of equipment

         Maintains product flow by reducing blockages

         Short duration pulses limit fatigue on metal skins verses continuous vibrators

         Reduced downtime for maintenance on equipment


Mounting: EDT hammers can be mounted to a support separate from the equipment, eliminating damage and constant repairs of equipment shell.


Design and Materials: EDT pneumatic hammers are simple yet effective, and designed to give you long term operation with limited maintenance. Compressed air propels the stainless steel ball into the Teflon impact puck transferring energy and vibration to the required surface. All materials used are FDA and USDA compliant.


Control: Air pulse rate is controlled by an integrated solenoid valve and impact force is controlled by modulating the air pressure supplied to the hammer.


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