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Plant Upgrades

  • Energy efficiency upgrade

  • Modify and upgrade existing equipment

  • Production capacity increase

  • Process optimization/minimize downtime

  • Automated cleaning cycle (CIP)

  • Fire protection

Equipment Modifications / Retrofits

No project is too small when equipment is in need of modification or replacement. EDT is here to work with you to achieve process specifications that produce valuable end-products or meet sanitary guidelines.

  • Clean in place (CIP) spray device retrofit with EDT liquid-activated, retractable CIP Nozzles

  • Rotary atomization changeover to high pressure nozzle atomization

  • Drying chamber replacement

  • Fluid bed replacement

  • Air disperser energy/capacity optimization

  • Powder collection efficiency

  • Baghouse efficiency upgrade

  • Evaporator Upgrade


  • Analyze and advise process solutions

  • Operator training

  • Product build-up

  • Product quality improvement

  • Safety evaluation and recommendation

  • Fire protection and suppression



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