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Spare Parts Service

Evaporator Dryer Technologies (EDT) has the resources and offers technical assistance to provide fast, reliable spare parts and replacement parts services.  We will assist with any questions you have whether itís for EDT equipment and components, or other equipment brands.

It is important to maintain a stock of spare parts to minimize the risk of production loss.

At EDT we maintain and update a Recommended Spare Parts List for wear parts and replacement parts from projects for EDT original equipment and buyout parts for associated components.


A Sampling of EDT Original Components in Stock:


CIP Spray Nozzles and parts

Fire Suppression Spray Nozzles and parts

Spray Nozzle O-Ring Replacement Kits


High Pressure Atomizing Nozzles

High Pressure Nozzle Replacement O-Rings

High Pressure Nozzle Inserts

High Pressure Nozzle Hoses


Manways and Inspection Ports

Manway Gaskets

Inspection Port Gaskets


Flexible Connection Sleeves (Flex Boots)   Fabricated in-house to custom sizes.

Stainless Steel Anti-Seize Band Clamps - Multiple Sizes


NEW CNC Custom Cut Flat Gaskets


Food Grade Material Fabricated in-house to custom sizes.


L-Shaped Gasket Material

Rope Gasket Material


Fittings, Stainless Steel


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