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Spray Dryers

U-Tube and Cyclone

Evaporator Dryer Technologies has the modern technology and know-how to design, engineer and supply evaporation and spray drying systems in a variety of process configurations.

Spray Drying Systems - Main Component Configurations


Whey Drying Systems

Whey and Whey Permeate Spray Drying system. In this system configuration, product is exposed to low temperatures during the drying process to convert β-lactose to α-lactose crystals in whey or whey permeate. The result is powder that is non-hygroscopic and free flowing. Main components of this system include an evaporator, feed system, drying chamber, lactose conversion belt, vibrating fluid bed, cyclones and wet scrubber. This type of system is extremely energy efficient with energy costs up to 24 percent less per lb. of powder compared to traditional straight through spray drying methods.



Spray dryer only is used when powder discharged from the drying chamber meets the desired characteristics without further processing.



Spray drying chamber with a stationary or vibrating fluid bed mounted beneath the drying chamber for further drying and/or cooling. This configuration allows for optional powder fines return. Two-stage drying allows for gentler handling of the product therefore reducing product degradation. This system offers better drying economies than single-stage drying.


Spray drying chamber with integrated fluid bed and external fluid bed. This configuration allows for optional powder fines return. Three-stage drying is a highly flexible processing system. The integration of fluid beds provides further control of drying parameters allowing production of more difficult to dry products. System advantages include improved particle agglomeration and reduced product degradation by using lower drying air temperatures. Three-stage drying offers the best drying economies by using the least amount of energy.


Auxiliary Equipment to Spray Drying Systems

Concentrate Heaters
Heat Recovery Units
Exhaust Air Heat Recovery
Over Pressure Venting
Fire Suppression System
Atomizing Nozzle Video Monitoring System
High Pressure Atomizing

Typical Products Dried on EDT Spray Drying Systems


Dairy Products

Non-Dairy Products



Whole Milk 
Skim Milk
Butter Milk
Sweet Whey
Acid Whey
Whey Protein Concentrate
Whey Permeate
Cheese Powders
Infant Formulas
Egg Products



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