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Vacuum Venting for Spray Drying Systems


Vacuum Breaker

Spray Drying Systems require vacuum venting during the CIP process to protect vessels against collapse should induced vacuum exceed design conditions.


Sudden vacuum can occur during the CIP process when a hot water rinse or steam cycle is followed by a cold rinse - conditions are present for sudden vacuum to develop inside the system.  EDT self-closing vacuum breakers inserted into manways and inspection ports, relieve vacuum within the spray drying system.





         Protects vessels from collapse or structural damage during CIP.

      Insures against replacement of damaged expensive equipment and avoids      critical system downtime.

         Self-Closing Design

         Standard Sizes:

10 ( 250 mm ) inspection ports

20 ( 500 mm ) manway

24 ( 600 mm ) manway

         Custom sizes available.

         Easy installation

         Complete stainless steel construction



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