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Whey/Whey Permeate Drying Systems - 

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Powder Crystallizer

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Evaporator Dryer Technologies’ whey systems process Mineralized or De-mineralized whey products resulting in the same - powder that is absolutely non-hygroscopic and free-flowing.

When producing whey and whey permeate powders it is very important that lactose is processed to the proper degree of crystallization for low hygroscopicity.

In EDT whey systems, powder is exposed to low process temperatures for conversion of β-lactose to α-lactose crystals in the whey products. The result - powder that is non-hygroscopic and free-flowing.

Components of this system configuration include: Hi-Con evaporator, feed system, drying chamber, powder crystallizer, vibrating fluid, cyclones and wet scrubber. This type of system is extremely energy efficient, with energy costs up to 24 percent less per lb. of powder compared to traditional straight through spray drying methods.

EDT Whey System Advantages

  • Processes both Mineralized and De-Mineralized whey products with the same results

  • Produces powder that is non-hygroscopic and free-flowing

  • No issues with product turning hard (hygroscopic)

  • NOT a one-product system – flexible for future products

  • Entire process is extremely energy efficient

  • USDA Food Grade Processing

  • All major components are designed and engineered by EDT

  • Proven technology operating in plants today

  • Replacement and wear parts of system are minimal

  • Design fits small building footprint

  • Eliminates costly demineralization process which produces yet another waste stream

EDT's Whey/Whey Permeate Spray Drying System is a flexible, multi-product system that spray dries and agglomerates multiple whey products:

  • Whey

  • Whey Permeate

  • Milk Permeate

  • WPC34

  • Lactose

  • Lactose Derivatives


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