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Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc. (EDT) is an engineering company providing the services of design, engineering and supply of processing equipment and systems.

Our name stands for the highly specialized service we provide in the field of dehydration technology – evaporators, spray dryers, fluid beds, powder handling systems and associated components.

Our technical knowledge and expertise is the cornerstone of our company. And the key to our success is providing responsive services to our customers’ needs. 

The extensive experience of our highly qualified employees offers a wealth of knowledge for developing new solutions or expanding existing technologies. EDT is capable to service customers by applying our expertise through technical support and supply of process equipment to optimize process performance. 

EDT is committed to co-operative challenges and to build on the trust and support of our valued customers.

Evaporating and Spray Drying Systems for quality, high value powder products.



Visit us at the Cheese Industry Conference

Milwaukee, WI


Whey Drying Systems

Produce food grade powders that are absolutely non-hygroscopic and free flowing - important product characteristics that add higher value to end products.




Spray Nozzle


Retractable CIP Nozzles Remain in place during production


New CNC Gasket Cutting Machine

EDT now offers the perfect cutting solution for custom gaskets with our new die-less knife cutting system. 



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