Flexible Connections

Flexible Connecting Sleeves

Evaporator Dryer Technologies’ has available clear, heavy gauge, Flexible Connecting Sleeves (flex boots) cut and heat sealed in-house to custom sizes that fit your equipment. Flexible Connecting Sleeves are commonly used in spray drying systems or any processing equipment to connect adjoining components where there is relative movement between the components. For example air intake, fan outlets, blowers, duct systems, isolation gates, and transitions.

Benefits of Using EDT Flexible Sleeves Include:

  • Reduced vibration
  • Provides sufficient flexibility to protect structural integrity of adjoining components
  • Allows visual monitoring of in-process product flow
  • Easy installation – quick removal
  • FDA approved material

Method of Attachment

Flexible Connecting Sleeves are securely attached to adjacent components by using a stainless steel band clamp at each end of the sleeve.

Adjustable Band Clamps

  • Quality constructed of T-304 stainless steel, 19 gauge x 1” wide.
  • Available in sizes from 5” to 85” diameter.
  • State duct outside diameter (O.D.) when ordering bank clamps, EDT will adjust for sleeve material thickness.
Isolation Gate with Flexible Connection Sleeve
Isolation Gate with Flexible Connection Sleeve
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