Clean-In-Place Systems

EDT offers an automated Clean-In-Place or CIP System that provides a reliable, repeatable cleaning cycle for processing plants to operate efficiently and cost-effectively to meet stringent hygienic practices for sanitary processing. The CIP System utilizes EDT-exclusive liquid-activated, retractable CIP spray nozzles that are designed specifically to remain in place during production. These nozzles eliminate the repetitive task of installing and removing spray devices for the CIP cycle. Less changeover minimizes downtime and increases available production time. PLC controls automate the CIP process and provide efficient, repeatable cleaning.

Clean-In-Place System components include liquid-activated, retractable CIP spray nozzles, solution supply tank, pumps, cycle valves, circuit piping, and PLC controls. CIP spray nozzles are available for cleaning single-wall, double-wall, and insulated vessels.


  • CIP Process is Automated
  • Cleaning Consistency
  • Reliable, Repeatable Cleaning Cycle
  • Hygiene is Critical
  • Eliminates Repetitive Tasks of Installing and Removing Spray Devices, and Manual Cleaning
  • Increase Maintenance Efficiency, and Plant and Product Safety

Where Clean-In-Place Nozzles Are Used

  • Single Wall Vessels
  • Double Wall Vessels
  • Double wall Insulated Vessels
  • Spray Drying Chambers
  • Box Dryers
  • Fluid Beds
  • Baghouses
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Ductwork
  • Tanks
  • Agitated Tanks
  • Distillers
  • Processors
  • Cookers
  • Vessels
  • Vats
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