Powder Crystallizer

Evaporator Dryer Technologies’ New Powder Crystallizer is specialized equipment used between drying stages in our whey/permeate drying system. EDT’s whey/permeate drying system processes both mineralized and de-mineralized whey products with equal results – food-grade powders that are non-hygroscopic and free-flowing. The Powder Crystallizer is designed to accommodate whey or permeate powders from the spray drying chamber, provide a critical environment for product crystallization, and transport the product to the secondary drying and cooling process.

EDT has provided Powder Crystallizer ranging in size from small pilot units to large sale processing. Each unit is custom designed to fit the needs of the process. EDT Powder Crystallizers are designed in accordance with USDA Sanitary Guidelines and compliments EDT quality components: liquid-activated, retractable CIP and Fire suppression spray nozzles, and EDT sanitary manways and inspection ports.

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Powder Crystallizer
Powder Crystallizer
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