Over Pressure Doors

Light Weight Over Pressure Doors That Provide Low Pressure Relief

Evaporator Dryer Technologies, In. (EDT) introduces new Light Weight Over Pressure Doors that provide over pressure protection for process equipment. The Over Pressure Doors feature a lightweight design that allows pressure relief at a lower, less hazardous over pressure. Doors are hinged to a frame securely attached to the vessel. Accurate setting of static opening pressure-activation point is preset. An Inflatable gasket provides a positive seal between the door and the frame. Soft brake hinges prevent damage to the doors at activation enabling reuse after an over pressure event.

Upon activation point, the doors open away from the vessel allowing expanding gases to escape the processing system – relieving pressure that can cause structural or mechanical damage to the plant and the equipment. Soft brake door hinges prevent the panel from becoming airborne providing further operational safety and reducing the risk of incidents. Repositioning the doors on the frame after an event is quick and easy. Unlike rupture panels that are a one-time use, EDT Light Weight Over Pressure Doors offer longer service life after an over pressure event. Typical applications include spray dryers, dust collectors, wet scrubbers, and powder silos.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight door allows for low pressure relief
  • Accurate setting of static opening pressure
  • Designed for low and high strength vessels
  • Reusable after process over pressure or an event
  • Mounts standard angle frame
  • Soft brake door hinges
  • Inflatable gasket prevents leakage
  • USDA sanitary design
  • Manufactures to custom sizes
  • Maintenance Free
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