Chamber Video Monitoring

See inside your process with remote video monitoring.

Remote monitoring in a spray drying system provides operators with a means for early detection of process interruptions that can cause costly downtime. Evaporator Dryer Technologies offers a remote video monitoring system that allows operators the ability to monitor real-time high-pressure atomization inside the spray drying chamber. Strategic placement of cameras throughout the system provides live video streaming to the control room, allowing for safe intervention should an event occur. Early detection of any blockage in the spray nozzles, irregularities in a spray pattern, or powder deposit in the air disperser is critical to the drying process to avoid wetting the drying chamber and risking a powder ignition.

The video system is also used to monitor internal powder discharge from the cyclones or baghouse allowing for early detection of powder plugging the outlet. This remote monitoring system is an exclusive design developed and provided by Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc.

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